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Snorscomb is a deserted village to the south of Everdon. All that is left is a farmhouse, a small cottage and Snorscomb Mill. It lies in the bottom of a broad open north facing combe, cut back into the Northampton Sand ridge to the south. It is situated at the junction of two small streams on a narrow band of Marlstone Rock.

Snorscomb is first mentioned in a Saxon Charter of 944 where part of the bounds of its land is noted. It is next listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as held by the Count of Mortain and divided into two small manors with a total recorded population of only four. Little is known of its history after that time, beyond the descent of the manors. In 1531 the larger manor was purchased by the Knightley family of Fawsley who were prosecuted for the enclosure of 200 acres of land and the destruction of nine houses there. In the early 18th century it is described as a hamlet of five houses including the mill but reported to have been formerly a more considerable village. By the early 19th century it had become as it is today. There are remaining earthworks to the east of the present farm house.

In the Open Fields of Northamptonshire Gazatteer it is described as follows:
"Furlongs are named "in the fields of Snotescumbe" in 1354 and 1410. In 1508 the Knightley family had enclosed 200 acres of land, allowed houses to decay and 28 people had left. The 1767 glebe refers the hamlet of "Snawscombe", for which Lucy Knightley paid £30 yearly in lieu of tithes."

In The Deserted Villages of Northamptonshire it is described:
"Smaller manor merged with Everdon; larger manor occupiesdby Lovel family in 13th and 14th cents; came to Catesby family in 15th cent. Bought in 1531 by Knightley of Fawsley, who was prosecuted for enclosre of 200a. and depopulation of 9 houses here. now a single farm.

January, 10th, 1579 - Buried Laurence Hayle servant to Sir Richard Knightley:- was slain at Snorscomb.


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