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Poem by kind permission of Jenny Groves

Everdon Stubbs

by Leonard Ladkin - March 1922

Oh! Everdon Stubbs is the famed abode
Of peace and of rural charm;
Yet the nervous traveller down its road
May sometimes feel alarm,
There's a fine steep hill with a crinkly turn
That hides where you want to go;
And the older you get the more you learn
That it's wise to be sure and slow.

And Everdon Stubbs has the widest views
When the hounds and the hunter come;
And the miles you can see, stand where you choose,

Would total a nice little sum;
And what do you mind -- if the clouds are black
And the fields look a bit forlorn --
When the woods conceal the foxhound pack
And ring to the huntsman's horn?

Be kind to bluebells! Visitors are urged to stay on footpaths and are asked not to damage or pick the plants. The UK's bluebell woods are of international importance - the British bluebell represents 20 per cent of the world population of the flower - so it is important to remember to take care while enjoying the beauty of the bluebell woods. It is illegal, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, to dig up the bulbs of wild bluebells - an endangered species - and dealers face heavy fines for for selling them.
click here to view Woodland Trust Bluebell Website

For the summer skies will delight your heart,
There's a charm in the winter too;
And the rain-swilled roads will carry you safe
If your nerve and your wheels are true,
On a winter's road, with winter's mud
Festooned on your plated hubs,
There's nothing to beat -- as a cycling treat --
The rush down Everdon Stubb


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