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Corporate Stress Therapy

The Health and Safety Executive estimate the cost to society of work related stress to be around £4 billion each year with 13.5 million working days lost. By taking action to reduce the problem you can help create a more productive, healthy workforce and save money.

“In 2008 – for every 80p spend on health promotion and intervention programmes, £4 can be saved, due to reduced absenteeism, temporary staff, presenteeism and improved motivation”.
The European Network for Health Promotion

Our KaiAmea therapy sessions can aid both employer and employee by:

Employer Employee
Decreased sickness & absence costs Relief from anxiety and depression
Improved working relations Better relationships at work and at home
Increased productivity Increased motivation and enthusiasm
More effective teams Increased self esteem
Increased creativity Improved ability to relax and unwind

Increased employee loyalty,
motivation and morale

Lower staff turnover Lower stress levels
Enhanced Company Profile Improved sleep

Kai Amea Energy Sessions
Our energy therapy empowers the individual and counters stress related problems, keeping your staff healthy and happy. We work to clear away the negative energies and rebalance the energy system leaving your staff feeling completely relaxed and energised. We concentrate solely on relieving the sufferer of their tension and ultimately their stress.

The sessions are non-invasive. It is a safe and easy “hands-off” treatment that requires no removal of clothes and no messy oils. We come to your premises and all that is required is a small private room - each session is then carried out with the employee either laying on a couch or seated on a chair. Each session lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

We can do 6 sessions for a “half day” or 10 sessions for a “full day”.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss requirements and this will include two sample treatments.

This is a cost effective method of improving employee productivity by increasing mental focus, optimising energy and fostering a healthy working environment.

Our therapy sessions give your staff the opportunity to take a few minutes out of their day to relax and recharge.

We will also make your staff aware of how they can help themselves on a daily basis to give themselves the time to work on countering stress.




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