Sandy David of Everdon has kindly sent in the following information on moths for the website.



Thanks to the warm winter / spring this year most moth species are appearing about three weeks early as they did last year.

Amongst the first moths of the year were a shoulder stripe
(in the bathroom) and a lesser swallow prominent (in the trap),
both caught in March. Both these moths are fairly common,
the shoulder stripe lava feeding on scrubland plants,
including roses, and the prominent feeding on birch.
They are both harbingers of spring.


The powdered Quaker was the first moth of April, a new
moth to me with the lava feeding on sallow leaves and the
adult feeding on the spring flowers.


The first sign of May in Everdon was the moth trap full of
may bugs - which are actually cockchafer beetles.

These beetles feed on oak and were a major pest completely
defoliating oak trees in Germany during the 1800's.

For June look out for hawkmoths - the biggest and most
fascinating to be found!

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