The Everdon Website has been contacted recently by a Mr Douglas Clark living in Virginia. He was seeking information about our Parish Church and Churchyard. The purpose of his enquiry was in connection with one of his forebears, a man called Richard Wright. It was fascinating to learn that Mr Clark's ancestor had lived in The Rectory in Everdon and that his father, Richard Wright, MA had been rector here between the years 1613 and his death on 16th June, 1638. The rector's son, Richard, who was born in 1596 had emigrated to Massachusetts in April, 1630 when he sailed with one of eleven ships under the sponsorship of the Massachusetts Bay Company - this is only ten years after the Plymouth Brethren landed at Plymouth Rock nr Boston in 1620, - this would make Richard Wright one of the early pioneers of the American mainland. Doug Clark has sent us a very detailed history of his ancestors life in Massachusetts and we hope to put this on the website in the near future.

What Is also interesting to me is that my wife, Jackie, has an ancient kinsman called Thomas Bliss who was born in Little Preston in 1588 but is buried in the township of Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts - he died in about 1636. Rehoboth is the township where Richard Wright settled so in the first half of the 17th century we have two people from this very small area of England living on this vast continent who must have known each other.

(Originally published in the Everdon Newsletter - May, 2002)


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