Aaron Goddard
Community Watch Liaison Officer

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Northamptonshire West
Daventry Police Station
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Tel 08453 700700 (ext 3024)
Fax 01327 303287

I have been asked to draw your attention to a car key burglary in the Morning Star Road area of Daventry. Offenders gained entry to the house through an insecure door, before stealing house and car keys. The offenders then succeed in driving away a Yellow/Gold Renault Scenic, registration number YR54YH?. Any sightings of this vehicle, or information regarding potential offenders should be reported to us immediately.

This is a timely reminder to keep doors and windows locked and closed when not in use. Always know where your keys are, and have an escape plan in case of emergency.

A pub has been broken into in Everdon. Offenders broke a kitchen window before making their way through the premise and stealing a wall mounted cigarette machine. An attempt was also made at a pub in Potterspury.

Offenders have punctured a fuel tank, stealing the contents in Woodford Halse. We have previously had pockets of this activity occurring across the area. Please keep your eyes open for suspicious individuals and activity around vehicles reporting this to the Police immediately where appropriate.

This is an important information message regarding the theft of metal on the area.
Due to the current high value of metal, we are currently experiencing an increase in thefts of all types of metal from building sites and other storage locations across the area.

A White pickup vehicle, displaying a registration number close to L10? THU has been reported across the area stealing items as small as boxes of copper fittings from open garages. We are keen to find this vehicle, and would appreciate sightings being called in to us at 01604 432436.
Research into this vehicle shows that the occupants were stopped in Bedfordshire earlier this week.
Keep an eye on the security of all metal items at all times. Thieves have even been known to steal copper lightening conductors fitted to cell phone towers!.

I have been asked to make you aware that distraction burglaries continue on the area. In the last 24 hours, we have experienced 2 of these burglaries in Flore and Yelvertoft.

As usual, please make your vulnerable neighbours aware, and ask them to be cautious of unexpected callers. Preferably, they should not open the door to anybody not expected.

I have been made aware that bogus police officers have been operating in the North of the county. Any genuine Police officer or member of staff will be happy to provide their official identification to you, which is basically Blue and White in colour, with a passport size photograph in the centre. The name and number of the caller is printed under the photograph, and if in doubt please note these details, then call 08453 700700
to confirm any Police callers identity.

In a slightly unusual crime, operators of mobile telephone masts are experiencing a major increase in thefts from their sites across the country. Thieves are targeting lightening conductors which are usually made from copper and highly valuable. Any unusual activity or vehicles around these sites should be reported to us.

Further to my communication last week on behalf of trading standards, I have been made aware of a further Rogue Trader incident in Northampton over the weekend.

An 83 year old man was quoted £400 for garden work. As the work progressed, this increased to £3000 and then £6500.
Offenders were seen to use 2 vehicles.

1) A Blue Volkswagen Golf, registration GY06WY*.
2) Ford Transit Dropside (similar to a small lorry), registration G945DV*.

As usual, please make you communities aware, and if seen please call the Police immediately.

We have experienced burglaries on the area over the last 24 hours. Offenders gained entry to a house in Towcester through a window before conducting a search and stealing property.
Additionally, a window has been forced on a house facing the canal in Braunston. Cash and other items have been stolen. This may have occurred any time over the last 7 days.
Anybody with information about any of there issues is asked to contact us on the dedicated Watch line, 01604 432436

Tack thefts continue to be a problem for members of the rural community, throughout our area and the region in general. Please continue to monitor the security of your premises.
I recently contacted you regarding a Blue Peugeot XRDT, which was believed to be involved in a wide selection of rural and other crime including tack and equipment theft. We have an interest in the occupants of this vehicle, and I have been advised that they may now use a different vehicle. Please report any sightings of a White peugeot 205 3 door, displaying registration H534 FR*.
We are currently looking for a Burgundy Landrover Discovery, registration K728 OW*. The occupant of this vehicle has been seen in suspicious circumstances knocking door to door for garden maintenance. He is described as White, mid 40's, approx 5' 4" in height with bleach blonde hair and an Irish accent.
We are also interested in a Blue Ford Transit, displaying registration P353LJ*. Officers on route an an emergency noticed the two male occupants of the vehicle run from a nearby property.
Any observations of information relating to the above can be called through to the Police on the Watch dedicated telephone number, 01604 432436.

A communication from Trading Standards .
Trading Standards have been made aware of a trader calling door to door offering to clean and seal driveways.  A person in Gayton has just paid £500 cash to have this work done.  The trader cold called and did not give cancellation rights so he has committed a criminal offence.
Trading Standards would like to remind you that you should NOT agree to purchase goods or services at the doorstep.  However, if you do, you should be given a written notice of your right to cancel the contract within 7 days.  Failure to do this is a criminal offence and you do not have to pay the trader any money, even if the work has been completed.
Please DO NOT agree to work following a cold call visit.  If you are suspicious of any traders cold calling and offering to do work or stating that work is required to your or neighbours property or garden, please telephone Trading Standards on 01604 707900.

Please make your elderly and vulnerable aware that a Distraction attempt has been made in the Sibbertoft area.
An elderly victim found a man in her home, who subsequently claimed to be from the waterboard.
A number of suspicious men were seen in the area, some of whom were dressed "like workmen".
A more detailed description is available of one potential man involved. 5'6" in height, mid 30's, White shirt, navy trousers, Dark hair.

We are currently seeking intelligence in relation to a Blue Peugeot 306 XRDT, displaying the registration number L608GW*. The occupants of this vehicle are believed to be travelling throughout Northants and surrounding counties committing farm and farm shop thefts and burglaries. We are keen to receive any sightings of this vehicle, and descriptions where possible of the occupants. Please e-mail any information to me at this e-mail address, and I will ensure it is passed to the appropriate people. If you see the vehicle on property and are able, please call 999 immediately.

I have been passed information regarding a burglary in Northampton. An 86 year old victim noticed a light on in her home, and went to investigate. When the 3 White Males were disturbed and attempted to exit the property through a window, the victim grabbed an offenders feet and attempted to restrain him. The offender broke free causing a slight injury to the victims' arm. Please relay to your communities that we do not advise you try and restrain anybody found in your home.

Recipients in the Woodford Halse area may be aware that PCSO Bareham sustained an injury while restraining a violent individual in the village on Wednesday afternoon. I have spoken to PCSO Bareham who thanks everybody for the enquiries and messages of support currently travelling around the village. He tells me that he would have preferred 3 minute rounds and a magic sponge during the scuffle, but he's recovering and will be back with you soon.

For general reference, you may be interested to know about some of the information we find particularly useful when you describe a potential offender to us. I have spoken to an intelligence officer who offers the following advice.

1) Are they wearing glasses?
2) How tall are they?
3) What is the colour and style of their hair?
4) How are they physically built?
5) What colour are their eyes?
6) Are their any tattoos or other physical markings such as scars. If so, where on the body are they?
7) Any visible piercing, and if so where. For example, eyebrow, nose, lip, ears etc.
8) Are all fingers and thumbs in place?
9) What accent or dialect do they speak with?
10) Are they Right or Left handed?
11) If you spoke, what did they say?
12) If you are provided with any form of literature, does it provide a full name and address, or initials and a surname with a PO Box address?.

You may not get the opportunity to speak in person, but some of the easier to spot characteristics are just as useful.

1) Clothing, style and colour.
2) Footwear. For example, a pair of nicely polished Black shoes will be highly unusual.
3) Jewellery, where and what quantity. Is any of the jewellery unusual or seemingly extravagant.
4) If they arrived in a vehicle, the registration displayed, a colour and where possible an accurate description of the manufacturer and the model. Can you see a Tax Disc?

As much of this information as possible may help us to potentially identify an individual, however any information is considered helpful. Never go out of your way to gather this information or approach individuals unnecessarily.

I have been made aware once again that security firms are targeting our area, using telesales and doorstep techniques to sell their products. Often the inference is that these systems are approved by the police or the fire service. In some cases, the codes and legislation the salesman quotes does not actually exist. it may be suggested that the alarm system is free. Experience tells us that these claims may be misleading, and often pressure selling techniques are used to ensure you spend far more on the system than the basic "free" equipment comes with. 

We would like to re-iterate advice from Trading Standards and the Police. This advice says you should never buy any product or service from a cold caller at your doorstep or on the telephone. Even if you have made an appointment for a salesman to call, you can still refuse entry. If anybody forcibly enters your property or refuses to leave on request, call the Police immediately.

We are receiving a number of calls about these firms and suggest that you check the relevant sections of the Yellow Pages if you are looking to purchase an alarm system.

I would like to remind all those receiving this message to keep all doors and windows closed and preferably locked when not in use or in sight. We have issued this advice frequently over recent weeks, however, every day we are continuing to experience burglaries through insecure property. Always though, ensure you have a means of escape prepared.

Please relay both these important messages into your communities.

Finally, I have a small update on the illness currently afflicting RingMaster. The source of the failure has been identified, and further investigation is being undertaken following removal of the offending components with a view to repair or replacement. I have no additional information or timescales available.

I have been asked to draw your attention to the following vehcile.
A Blue Peugeot 306 XRDT.
This vehicle has been seen around our area and in other counties on a number of occasions, and is believed to be involved in thefts from Farm premises, including Farm shops.
We are keen to gain intelligence on any occupants and locations of this vehicle, so is seen please call us immediately with as much information as possible including descriptions.
As usual, many thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards,
Aaron Goddard.
Community Watch Liaison Officer


Whilst Ringmaster is out of commission your messages will appear on this website
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While RingMaster is out of commission, I am able to get basic information to you by e-mail. I would appreciate your assistance disseminating this into your communities as RingMaster telephone recipients will not be receiving these messages.

We are currently experiencing an surge in thefts and break-ins at schools across the area. In many cases, thieves are targeting valuable computer equipment. We ask for your assistance looking out for suspicious activity and damage around school premises, reporting any incidents to us.

Despite the drop in temperatures, please advise your communities to be aware of leaving doors and windows open when they are not in sight.

We have been made aware of 2 distraction burglaries in Sibbeertoft and Harrington. The offender is reported to be claiming he is a painter and decorator. Unfortunately, I have no further information available. 

Aaron Goddard
Community Watch Liaison Officer

Please note new telephone number

Northamptonshire West
Daventry Police Station
New Street
Daventry NN11 4BS

Tel 08453 700700 (ex 3024)
Fax 01327 303287


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